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Post your favorite VIRTUAL WEBSITE HERE!

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I know the following isn't a 'concrete' definition of what a virtual website is but hopefully it will explain it a little...

When "virtual" was first introduced in the computational sense, it applied to things simulated by the computer, like virtual memory that is, memory that is not actually built into the processor. Over time, though, the adjective has been applied to things that really exist and are created or carried on by means of computers.

Virtual tends to be used in reference to things that mimic their “real” equivalents.
So, a virtual website is like the 'virtual garden' where you create a garden that
looks like a real-life garden but it is all on the computer/online.

Virtual conversations are conversations that take place over computer networks, and virtual communities are genuine social groups that assemble around the use of e-mail, webpages, and other networked resources.

Virtual and Digital are similar in a sense.
The adjectives virtual and digital and the prefixes e- and cyber- are all used in various ways to denote things, activities, and organizations that are realized or carried out chiefly in an electronic medium.

But there are certain tendencies. Digital is the most comprehensive of the words, and can be used for almost any device or activity that makes use of or is based on computer technology, such as a digital camera or a digital network. Virtual tends to be used in reference to things that mimic their “real” equivalents. Thus a digital library would be simply a library that involves information technology, whether a brick-and-mortar library equipped with networked computers or a library that exists exclusively in electronic form, whereas a virtual library could only be the latter of these.

The prefix e- is generally preferred when speaking of the commercial applications of the the Web, as in e-commerce, e-cash, and e-business, whereas cyber- tends to be used when speaking of the computer or of networks from a broader cultural point of view, as in cybersex, cyberchurch, and cyberspace. But like everything else in this field, such usages are evolving rapidly, and it would be rash to try to predict how these expressions will be used in the future.

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